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Jones Street is an experienced and vertically integrated multifamily real estate investment firm.

Founded in 2014, Jones Street is a disciplined and experienced multifamily investor in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The principals of Jones Street bring decades of investment expertise, including in diversified areas such as venture capital, private equity, distressed investing, and hedge funds, in addition to our core expertise in real estate.

Jones Street has built a trusted and reliable investment management platform with infrastructure in place to support future growth.

Jones Street has the expertise and flexibility to transact and operate across designations to find attractive, risk-adjusted returns. ​Drawing on our co-founders’ private equity and venture capital expertise, we apply value investing principles to multifamily real estate.

​Jones Street Investment Fund I

Jones Street Investment Fund I ("Fund I”) was formed in response to investor demand for a commingled, one-stop platform for participation in Jones Street investment opportunities. However, rather than forming a traditional, closed-end fund, Jones Street has reimagined the fund structure to best align the investment goals of private investors with the Fund strategy. Jones Street Investment Fund I raised $49.8M from March 2021 to March 2022 and is fully invested. 

​Jones Street Investment Fund II

Jones Street Investment Fund II ("Fund II") will be a continuation of Jones Street’s successful investment strategy. Within our investment geographies, Fund II will focus on outer suburbs, secondary, and tertiary locations, markets often overlooked by larger investors despite their high barriers to entry and robust housing demand. Accredited investors interested in participating in Fund II can contact our Investor Relations team directly at

Interested in Investing?

Invest with Jones Street

Jones Street aligns its institutional-quality investment and operational approach with the economic and strategic interests of its investors, and we invest sponsor capital in each acquisition.

Our investment management platform is a trusted and reliable source of investment opportunities for our capital partners. We build a personal, service-oriented relationship with each investor.

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