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Executive Leadership

Matt Frazier

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Ranalli

Chief Investment Officer

Patrick Sullivan

Partner, Executive Director

Investor Relations

Jim Brady

Executive Director

Property Operations

Meet the Team

David Andronico

Director, Development & Project Management

Rachel Anthony

Portfolio Manager

Joanne Aviles

Vice President, Property Management

Mahshid Bakhtyari

Accounts Payable Associate

Alicia Bourque

Human Resources Generalist, Office Manager

Samuelle Boyer

Director, Human Resources

Stefano Bruno

Vice President, Property Marketing

Tatyana Drobov


Gabriel Faithfull

Acquisitions Associate

Vin Garino

Project Manager

Adam Goodrich

Project Manager

Janice Hill

Vice President, Training and Development

Merima Ikanovic

Senior Corporate Finance Associate

Patrick Jenkins

Acquisitions Analyst

Eric LeClair

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions

Ellie Martin

Vice President, Investor Relations

Dan Perry

Director, Corporate Finance

Rolf Rho

Senior Property Accountant

Allison Sheehan

Senior Vice President, Corporate Operations

George Shepherd

Vice President, Facilities

Lindsie Tosca

Managing Director, Accounting

Robert Werdann

Senior Development Accountant

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